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The night I first met my guide:
I was only six, dad had told me time for bed, as I stood at the foot of the stairs and looked up I got such a shock, there  <br /> on at the top of the stairs was a strange man, I couldn’t move and shouted through to dad, there’s a man at the top of the stairs. I don’t think dad believed me but he was real to me and I was scared stiff, again I shouted through to dad, this time he asked me what he looked like, (apart from scary) he hasn’t got a shirt on looks odd and has feathers sticking out of his head. Imagine how I felt when dad said “he won’t hurt you, just go to bed”.

As I slowly climbed the stairs I remember wishing they would just grow and grow that way I wouldn’t reach the top, and I wouldn’t have to pass him. But I did reach the top on very shaky legs, as I reached him he crossed his arms stood to one side and said “guard and protect”, I ran passed him into my bedroom, dived under the covers and there I stayed all night. Since then he has indeed stayed around to keep his promise (guard and protect), I have worked with my guide a long time and over the years we have built up a strong link; he is my guide and my friend and one day when I cross over it will be an honour to meet up with him in his world. Yes you guessed! he is a native American. 

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"Thankyou very much for my reading, it is great to know that my nana and grandad are there for my son and myself. You have really put things at ease for me. You are a really lovely person to have a reading off. I look forward to seeing you again, I can't thankyou enough. Thanks again Emma XX"

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pine ridge reservation
'The Pine Ridge Reservation showing the Teepee I stayed in'

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My Name is Lorraine Lambert and I live in Redcar in the North east of England, I was born in to a spiritualist family, I am a third generation psychic medium and have had the ability to see, hear and feel spirit energies from a very early age. I had my first experience with a spirit at the age of six when I met my Grandad who had died 10 years before I was born.  

I also met my guide Red Cloud at the age of six and I have since built up a strong bond and indestructible friendship with him. I am an experienced reader and hypnotherapist, I can also peel away the layers of centuries past to investigate who you once were in a past life. I follow a native spiritual path and I feel that we can all help to heal Mother Earth.

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